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Breast Cancer Awareness
Posted: November 16, 2016

By: Ramone Permel, Owner/Photographer

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to create some images to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. I was given a model to photograph and a theme. My model is a wonderful breast cancer survivor and the theme was “Attitude of Gratitude”. We discussed options and ideas and discussed how she was grateful to her to daughters more then anything! She told me how her girls not only emotionally but, physically and literally pulled on her to get out of bed some-days. Through tough time they were there to embrace her and carrier her to her recovery. I put those thoughts and ideas into creating the following images.

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These images appeared as part of the 2017 Beyond Boobs! Calendar. ( It was also featured on the cover of 100,000 copies of an insert going to homes to bring about awareness of breast cancer.

Over the years Ramone Photography has strived to offer our talents and success to help bring awareness through creativity.  Keep your eye out for more special events and creative images from Ramone!

Over the years, I’ve tried to make sure I offer what I can to bring awareness or a little bit of help to a variety of charities. Please take a moment to click the link and find out more. And keep your eye out for some other events I have coming up very soon!

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