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Mother's Day Connection
Posted: April 27, 2020

I'm so fortunate to know so many wonderful & creative people. This is a portrait I did of my long-time friend & neighbor Valerie and her beautiful daughter, Bella. Valerie created this amazing arbor that I have admired for a while. Did I say arbor? It's really a peice of art...



Throughout the yard & garden there are wonderful hidden treasures. It made for a great setting for these portraits. I was able to stay distant and shoot with my 70 - 200. (Canon's "magic drain-pipe" 70-200 2.8 L) The preferred lens for a majority of my portraits.



My goal was to keep the portrait simple & light, focussing on the mother-daughter relationship and how they are able to spend time together!









This is from a series I call Porch-Traits. Photo sessions at your home, on your porch, your yard or in your garden. Created using a long lens, respecting socially distant safety concerns.




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