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Portraits of the Lost 2020 Neptune Festival Princesses
Posted: September 09, 2020

Lost Group

VIRGINIA BEACH - August 12, 2020


Being selected as a Neptune Festival Princess is an honor and once in a lifetime experience for a young woman. Their impressive resumes include strong academics, community involvement and admirable character. COVID-19 derailed the opportunity for the 2020 Royal Court to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival as all events and activities have been cancelled.

Ramone, of Ramone Photography, has created official portraits for the festival for many years and was asked to photograph the, now, “lost princesses” to commemorate their accomplishments. Sunset at the Oceanfront was the backdrop, and the final outcomes are breathtaking. Ramone said, he “feels strongly about staying positive and doing positive things when it seems so easy to simply hide and wait for things to happen”.

Instead of simply offering portraits for parents to purchase, Ramone decided to create an event. He hosted an invitation only photo exhibition and unveiling reception for the princesses to truly be seen and recognized. It was held Wednesday, August 12th 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Town Center City Club in Virginia Beach – 222 Central Park Avenue Suite 230. Ramone’s hope is to keep the Neptune Festival legacy alive despite this lost 47th year.

The event was by invitation only as COVID-19 restrictions were followed. Press inquiries for information should be directed to Ramone at (757) 498-7366.


(757) 498-7366

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